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Technical expertise delivering real results throughout the global electronic economy.


Hello there! I'm Al and I am here to help you with your project and business continuation needs. I'll make sure you have the best customer experience possible β€” while leading a fun and productive work environment. I've been maintaining computer and electronic systems for over 20 years and enjoy bringing new technology ideas to life. Let's create something terrific together!

  • 🌎 🌍 Languages: English


Hey! I'm Ross. I have a focus in R&D which stems from a long journey in all things electrical engineering and computer science. I dig deep into systems and look for methods to improve existing architecture. Whether it is for compliance purposes or rapid implementation requirements; giving a technological roadmap to save time and streamline infrastructure needs is my focus.

  • 🌎 Languages: English


Jess here! Nice to meet you. My background in information security, network engineering, systems education, and software development β€” has given me a passion for interpreting and building data. I aim to provide a strong, concise, interdisciplinary technical perspective for your business requirements.

  • 🌎 🌏 Languages: English


Hi! My name is Rashad and I'm here to help with business marketing needs. With a decade of online sales and video production experience, I love telling business stories in a unique and authentic way making brands truly stand apart in the digital age. I look forward to helping your organization reach its full potential.

  • 🌎 🌍 Languages: English, Arabic


Greetings! You can call me Kate. I am a business development manager with a strong ability to turn clients into lifetime partners. During my career I've helped to launch new startups, tested the market for new ideas, and upgraded legacy systems. By placing the best technical talent at your disposal, you can count on me to take care of the essentials so your project leaves its mark.

  • 🌍 Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian


G'day! I'm Henri. DEVOPS is my forte with extensive experience in digital communication systems and IP network management. With over three decades of programming practice under my belt, I am familiar with many high and low level languages β€” and well versed in varying paradigms. This has honed my eye into a sure asset for endeavors common and complex alike.

  • 🌏 Languages: English, Japanese

What we do

Leveraging a dynamic network of technology market managers and specialists, STσ is able to build and maintain the vision of our clients — while ensuring their needed capabilities produce the returns and success stories they have earned. Our approach is to provide the least-cluttered knowledge base — paired with cost-effective, yet reliable offerings.

Web Design & Support

Programming in .NET, PHP, SQL, HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Ruby, Swift, Angular, Scala, Typescript, Rust, Flutter, Objective C, C#, C++ and more.

Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Skeleton, Pure, Groundwork, Cardinal, Powertocss, Mueller, Bootflat, Materialize
Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, HubSpot, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Ghost, Blogger, Textpattern, Bitrix24, PrestaShop, TYPO3
eCommerce, CRM, Payment Processing integration and sustainment with Webspace continuation support.
Hosting and domain registration assistance with network and associating third-party services deployment.

Information Security Solutions

  • Cyber Security Policy and Procedure Development

  • Systems Protection, Continuity, and Contingency Planning

  • Cyber Security Architecture and Design and Implementation

  • Network Security Testing and Evaluation

  • Incident Response Management and Reporting

  • Cyber Security Operations and Management

  • Cyber Security Awareness Training

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identity Assurance and Management

  • Forensics Investigation and Remediation

Application Development

  • Total software development life-cycle with Planning, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation, and Support.

  • Providing development of Web, Enterprise, Database, Mobile, Low-Code, and Custom apps.

  • Utilizing Waterfall, RAD, and Agile methods; whichever the customer need.

  • Compatible software for UNIX, Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or other operating systems.

  • Programming in HTML 5, SQL, Elixir, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Rust, Python, PHP, Swift, Ruby, Lua, Action Script, F#, Objective C, C#, C++ and more.

  • Construction of UI, API, databases and libraries.

  • Formulation of business process and data modeling.

Systems Deployment & Training

Installation and configuration of Server and Client operating systems: Linux, UNIX, Windows Client & Server, Apple Macintosh & iOS, and Google Android.

Remote management and misc. support for Systems Performance Tuning, Maintenance, Patching & Updates, Troubleshooting, Control, Machine Decommissioning, and more.
Instruction in use of common or specialized system utilities and third-party software services, i.e. β€” Zoom, Google Meet, TeamViewer, VMware, VirtualBox, Adobe, Piriform, Microsoft, Apple, etc.
Configuration and integration of email and messaging services with: Google Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook, Pigeon Mail, Mailchimp, Thunderbird, Microsoft Team, Discord, Google Chat, Slack, Rocket Chat and others.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Education on market dynamics and AI-related technology trends, with advisement on commercial implementation.

Assistance with use and configuration of content, cloud, and native utilization.
Managed AI services technical support β€” and best practices guidance.
AI technology DevOps and DevSecOps with Machine Learning specialization and LLM + Neural Network research.

Digital Marketing Management

  • Brand Communication

  • Graphics Design

  • SEO Services

  • Leads Generation

  • Multimedia Production

  • Social Media Operations

  • Data Analysis

  • CX & UX Research

  • Strategic Planning

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