Our Projects

The digital systems and platforms of today are powerful tools for consumers and businesses alike. They require reliable care and guidance to be utilized in the best way possible. There is no project our network of engineers, technicians, designers, and promoters can't tackle. From building a website for e-commerce purposes, improving the efficiency of commercial digital infrastructure, or helping to receive insurance claims coverage for a cyber security incident. STσ always comes through for our clients so they can come through for theirs.


The Canopic Anti-Tampering Log File Detection Suite utilizes a unique method of fusing the results of two parallel cryptographic functions in order to mathematically prove that an audit log has not been tampered with, modified, or replaced. This product allows for a Single Origin Cryptographic Chain of Custody (SOCCC/SO-3C) which alleviates unnecessary overhead via expensive third-party log storage — with limited guarantees of integrity or prompt access by system administrators. Contact the Standard Sigma L.C. Team to learn more. Compatible with: Windows NT 10/8.1/8/7/XP Windows NT Server 2012-R2/08-R2/03 Linux Kernel Build Work Station & Server Macintosh OS & Macintosh OS Server IBM PC/Intel x86 & Successor Mainframe HP-UX, SCO UnixWare, Others/Misc.

Mantis Meds

The MANTIS™ mission is to thoughtfully design and offer the most powerful, effective and safe, fast-acting plant-based therapy products available. Your health and well-being come first. Live your best life. Heal your body and mind, so you can do more of what you love. Find youth, find nature, find balance, find your passion. Our Mantis line of plant-based wellness products provides a synergistic blend of art and science that assists in bringing healing and balance to the body and mind. Mantis Micro Mist Aerosols deliver a metered spray of our CBD formulation with added micro-nutrients for pain management, skin restoration, and respiration at chosen areas of the body. Delivering the most effective, accurate dosing, optimum bioavailability and greater absorption, these aerosols are great for every day use. Visit — www.MantisMeds.com — to purchase their full line of products.


OnShift.Network — a connector and promoter of security professionals. Whether you are current or former military, law enforcement, or an experienced private sector credentialed agent; we are honored to this community as we embark on the next phase of pairing digital provisions with physical assets protection. OnShift.Network provides a Jobs Posting Directory, Classifieds Ads Exchange, Community-Specific Social Network, Career Building Resource Repository, Supporting Services, and Integrated Communication Experience Technologies; all to better support close protection specialists and their contract obligations. Sign-up for a subscription at ‒ www.OnShift.Network.com — and start growing your opportunities today.

Vicissitude Leather & Saddlery

Indulge in the dark allure of Vicissitude Leather, where every stitch unfolds a narrative of the artisan, the discerning client, and the animals we cherish. You're welcomed to this collaborative sanctuary, where the pinnacle of craftsmanship manifests in bespoke creations tailored to your unique size, shape, and desires. Discover that from our curated selection of leather, hardware, and techniques, right down to the meticulously chosen thread, nothing originates from mass-market suppliers or budget e-commerce platforms. We exclusively engage with ethical partners, ensuring regulated sources and fair compensation, guaranteeing your attire isn't a product of exploitation or waste. Unleash your inner spirit and embrace the exquisite metamorphosis of style — www.VicissitudeLeather.com